The Specialized tune…The strings of a Guitar need to be tuned in such a way that it produce the right outcome in the form of right tunes.

We tune in the resources in order to have the desired outcome for our clients.

We help organizations to create Performance Driven Culture through HR initiatives like:

  • Performance Management System
  • Comprehensive H R Audit

  • Preparation of H R Policy Manual

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Compensation Survey

  • H R Retainership




Interesting & Exciting Synchronization... Strings are in black, blue or yellow in colour… Each one has its own quality & importance.

People, though with differing skills and personalities are equally important for any organization.

e do exactly the same through our very interesting and exciting People Development Programs. They are necessarily customized as per the requirements of the organization. We have a pool of passionate & experienced Trainers who use unconventional Training methods of People Development.

Hunting the best of the Strings…. Thickness of the strings in a Guitar differs, thin and thick. Every vibration…. With different sound.

We hunt the best of the strings. Every organization essentially requires both the thin and thick strings.

With our immense competence in hunting high caliber professionals along with the unmatched ability to build a rapport with organizations as well as candidates, Talent Search with us is always a satisfying experience.


Guitar is generally played using a Plectrum. Its an optional thing used for playing the instrument.

The Company requires hiring staff on contract or for a temporary period. Though the staff is hired for a particular period, it plays an important role in completing the purpose for which it is hired.

We take pride in providing such valuable plectrums to organizations.

Best in its own class…
Concerts or Competition’s outcome is the best of the tunes… a moment of gaining happiness…. Gaining knowledge and experience….

We organize the best in the class H R Events where H R professionals from different organizations gather for an intimate setting of debate, learning and networking.

We have so far organized numerous One Day Seminars in different cities along with a mega scale H R Summit in 2006. We are the only H R Solutions Company in India to have Boston Business School’s Premium Partnership for our H R Summit


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